Terms And Conditions


These terms and conditions signify the rules and regulations for the use of www.jedpt.com (JEDPT) in which the purchase of service (exercise program) is subjected to. All customers are advised to read through before making purchase. Any reference to “we, us, our, website” shall mean “JEDPT while “you, customer/client” shall mean the user of www.jedpt.com.

JEDPT is an online personal trainer who sells its services/products to customers worldwide.


  • Customers outside Australia will have to abide to the General Data Protection Regulation policy
  • Customers placing order on www.jedpt.com must agree that they are at least 18 years of age and must agree to the terms and conditions applied to this website
  • Customers are not allowed to share, copy or transfer product purchased to another person as this might be detrimental to them
  • Customers must agree to purchase any of the available package/plan once they subscribe to the program
  • Customers must agree that the online training is a voluntary activity and must be medically sound before subscribing to the program
  • Customers must agree to seek medical attention immediately they noticed ill health or major injury while undergoing the program


You agree that all purchases made on www.jedpt.com are non-refundable except for wrong delivery and you are sure of what product/service you are ordering.


JEDPT sales page is connected to PayPal which makes transactions easy and safe for customers.


The content on www.jedpt.com is not a substitute for whatsoever diagnosis or medical advice neither is it a cure to any health issue(s). JEDPT is not a medical professional but an online personal trainer, therefore, the content on this website should not be misinterpreted. The information provided on this website is from reliable source but JEDPT cannot assure you of its effectiveness, timeliness nor result due to difference in body system. 


By using this website either (product/service), you agree that your physician or medical care provider has given you go ahead (clearance) to subscribe to the supplement plans or exercise programs of JEDPT. You are assuring us that you are fit and free of any health complications.


By using JEDPT, it means that you are fully aware of the risks involved in subscribing to our product/service. You are aware that injury could occur during exercise and that your body system may react to the initial take of supplement. Not too worry, all these are minimal and normal. After been aware of these risks and you choose to participate in them, you do so at your own will. Therefore, JEDPT will not be responsible for any injuries, death or health problems that maybe experienced from using JEDPT.


If the product/service of JEDPT is taken as recommended, positive result is certain for the user. Also, efforts and commitment of users will determine the result.


All activities prohibited by the users of JEDPT should be strictly adhered to for positive results.


It must be disclaimed that the use of online personal trainer is ineffective even when done as instructed. The testimonies of our customers are not claimed merely by mouth to increase our clients, they are real.


If you are not satisfied with the purchase of our products/services or you are no longer interested in JEDPT, you can unsubscribe or notify our customer care service. Also, if there is a violation or breach in the terms and conditions of JEDPT, you will be banned from using our website.


All users of JEDPT should endeavor to visit the website regularly in case of update/review and JEDPT will try as much as possible to notify her users.


 For questions, comments, complaints or testimonies, feel free to contact www.jedpt.com any time. We will be pleased to hear from you.