April 11 to June 6

  • 56 Day Program To Take Your Training To A New Level
  • Achieve Your Fitness Goals By Following A Proven Workout System
  • Learn The Tools To Build Muscle And Lose Fat Sustainably
  • Fast + Effective Workouts So You Don't Spend Hours In The Gym


Choose between 2-4 workouts each week that cater to all fitness levels. Once you have completed Weeks 1-4, we will update the workouts from Weeks 5-8 based on your own personal needs. All workouts are performed using common gym equipment. 


Our Nutritional Guidelines eBook along with our High Protein Recipe Pack will provide you with all the tools you need to fuel your body throughout Project56. Learn all about eating for fat loss, muscle gain and performance and why most diets fail. If you're looking for long-term sustained results, this eBook will deliver just that. 


All the help you need will just be a click away. Your program will be delivered on the JEDPT app where you can view every one of your workouts and log them each time. Our weekly check-ins will keep you accountable, and you will have full around-the-clock support from our coaching team.  


"I couldn't recommend Project56  enough! The workouts are structured perfectly and they helped me get in the best shape. I feel a lot more confident knowing what to do in the gym now."


How Hard Are The Workouts?

The workouts cater for all fitness levels which mean you can increase or decrease the difficulty of the workouts. We have designed a specific Workout FAQs which covers all the questions you may have which you will be able to view on the JEDPT App once you have access.  


Is There A Meal Plan To Follow?

We do not provide specific meal plans as they can be very limited and restrictive. The Nutritional Guidelines eBook you receive upon joining will help educate you how to structure your own nutrition plan, and give you all the tools you need for sustained success even after Project56 finishes.

Can I Do The Workouts At Home?

Unfortunately not. All the workouts are designed using common equipment found in most gyms. If you need a specific home workout plan, contact 

What Should I Do After PROJECT56?

Our aim is to educate you and show you a new way of training that you can follow after Project56 finishes. This isn't designed to be a program that you can only follow for a short while. If you need tailored individual help after Project56, contact

Can I Change The Workouts?

Whilst we would love for you to follow the workouts as planned, there will undoubtedly be times where you will have to adjust them. Our Workout FAQs covers all of this.

I Have More Questions!

Feel free to contact Jed on or message him on Instagram (@jedriddy).

Our commitment is to deliver a proven workout and nutrition program that will not only help you build muscle and lose fat sustainably but take your training to new levels and have you feeling fitter, stronger and leaner.

Your commitment?

56 days.

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