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Working from home? ​No access to a gym? No need to panic! 

Come explore our online coaching options which give you the tools and education to achieve your health and fitness ​goals ​in any training environment. 

​Whatever your goal, we have got you covered.

​​You won't need to search for random bodyweight workouts on Google. All the support you need is right here and all ​you have to do is just choose which package will suit you best.


The virtual gym inside a facebook forum. 

New Workout Timetable Posted Every Week.

5x Bodyweight Workouts + 5 Basic Equipment Workouts +

 2 Cardio Workouts To Choose From

Exercise Demos, Live Workouts, Nutrition Tips, Guest Speaker Q+A's, + Much More

Join like-minded individuals and become part of the virtual gym community. Every workout is done for you. You just have to choose which workouts from the weekly timetable you want to do. It's that simple! 


​​Bespoke ​Exercise Program Specific To Your Goals

​Track Your Progress And Workouts On The JEDPT App

​Personalised Support With Weekly Check-Ins And A Monthly Program Revision

​Nutritional Guidelines eBook, 3x JEDPT Recipe Packs Including The 'High Protein Cookbook'

​If you need a program that caters for your individual needs and preferences, this is the package for you. Fast-track your health and fitness goals by following your customised program on the JEDPT app and access detailed coaching support and accountability to optimise your results.


​​Live Personal Training Sessions ​via zoom

​4 Sessions Per Month With Weekly Program Support

​The Must-Have Service To Get The Best Workout Experience You Possibly Can

​​Have A Virtual Personal Trainer In Your Corner To Keep You Accountable And Help You Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals

​More Customised Nutrition And Lifestyle Support ​With Access To All Other JEDPT Packages

​​The ideal package for those who need that extra support. With your virtual Personal Trainer, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you are exercising correctly and safely but also in-line with your fitness goals. 

​​While working with Jed I lost 6kg and 8% body fat, and exercise is now part and parcel of my lifestyle. I've now lost 20kg since I started exercising regularly, but more importantly I still have great balance in my life 

​Nicole W

​I wanted a better training routine to help me with my initial fat loss goals. Jed's program ticked all the boxes, and I loved the variety of exercises. I am now using the same principles to help build muscle

​Kieran C

Jed has helped push me to my limits, and he's so passionate about what he does which helps motivate me more. ​He makes me do ​chin-ups ​but luckily I've gained the strength to do them; age is just a number!

Julie C


$ 47


​The Virtual Gym In A Private Facebook Forum

  • ​5 Bodyweight Workouts E/W
  • ​5 Basic Equipment Workouts E/W
  • ​2 Cardio Workouts E/W
  • ​New Workout Timetable Weekly
  • Exercise Demos + Live Workouts
  • ​Nutrition Tips + Cooking Demos 
  • ​'Working From Home' Tips

$ 99


​Exercise Program Specific To Your Goals

  • ​Bespoke Exercise Program
  • ​Access To The JEDPT App
  • ​Monthly Program Revision
  • ​Nutrition Guidelines eBook
  • ​3x JEDPT Recipe Packs
  • ​Weekly Check-Ins
  • ​Access To JEDPT Home Workouts

$ 197


​The Most Personal And Customised Service

  • ​4x Zoom PT Sessions Per Month
  • ​Access To The JEDPT App
  • ​Weekly Program Support
  • ​Customised Nutrition Advice
  • ​Access To All Other Packages
  • ​Access To All The Benefits Of Other JEDPT Packages



You are fully protected by our 100% ​Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with any of the JEDPT Coaching Programs, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Which Program Is Best For Me?

​The JEDPT Home Workouts is suited for those who want to be a part of a virtual gym community and like getting stuck into 'done-for-you' workouts. For a more customised approach, any of the other packages would be recommended, particularly for those who may need to work around injuries and/or have any other special requirements.

How Do I Know The Programs Work?

​We use an evidenced-based approach with all of our clients to ensure ensure you can achieve your goals safely and efficiently. We have helped many individuals achieve incredible results training at home before the COVID-19 predicament.

How Many Days Do I Have To Train?

​With the JEDPT Home Workouts, you can choose whatever training frequency suits you personally and you have plenty of workouts to choose from each week. With the customised packages, we will structure a program that fits in-line with your personal preferences and goals.

How Quickly Can I Begin?

​Once you join the JEDPT Home Workouts, you will be directed to the JEDPT Home Workouts Private Facebook Forum and can begin your fitness journey immediately. For the other options, you will be directed to a health and fitness questionnaire to ensure we get as much details and information to assist you. For the Customised Coaching, please allow 72-96 hours for your program to be finalised. For Live Personal Training, we will be in touch ASAP to arrange future sessions.

Is There A Minimum Commitment?

There is, but it's just 12 weeks. This isn't a 6-week fast fat-burning fad program. We want to show you how to implement training and nutritional habits into your lifestyle, an hope that you have the tools and education to adhere to your health and fitness goals upon completion of the 12-week commitment. You do have the option to exercise the right to the 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied too. 

I Have Another Question!

No problems! Contact us on ​jedriddy@jedpt.com ​and we will help answer any of your questions. ​​​